BREAKING NEWS: Peabody's Attorneys Sue to Keep Take Back St. Louis Off the April 8th

Take Back St. Louis Statement on Lawsuit Filed Today on Initiative

Today, a lawsuit was filed against the Board of Elections and the City of St. Louis by 3 individuals and a law firm regarding the Take Back St. Louis initiative that is formally on the April 8th ballot. In response, Reginald Rounds with the Take Back St. Louis campaign issued the following statement:

It is hard to imagine that these three plaintiffs are able to fund a sustained challenge to the Take Back St. Louis initiative. Big corporations and lawyers working for Peabody Coal are intentionally misleading the public on what the Take Back St. Louis initiative will do. Corporations like Peabody who receive corporate welfare are throwing any hope of a legal argument against the wall to see what sticks. In doing so, they are subverting the democratic process and blocking conversation on an important question facing the city: will we continue to give corporate welfare to companies like Peabody or will we invest in a local sustainable economy to create green jobs?

The Take Back St. Louis campaign will continue to rally thousands of people across St. Louis in preparation for the April 8th election because we know the voters will ultimately choose sustainable community development over handing out taxpayer money to dirty corporations. We commend the Board of Elections in upholding our democracy by putting the Take Back St. Louis initiative on the April 8th ballot despite these fear tactics from the opposition.

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