Mayor Slay Loves Peabody Coal

We always knew that Mayor Slay was not a huge fan of the Take Back St. Louis initiative. This wasn't surprising given how much of his campaign contributions come from big corporations. Again and again, the Mayor has gone out of his way to protect tax breaks to big corporations without any thought to how those tax breaks impact the public schools or city neighborhoods.

Now, Mayor Slay has gone to the greatest lengths possible to protect Peabody Coal, the world's largest coal company. With Peabody's lobbyists, he has drafted and is lobbying for a state-wide amendment to ban citizen-driven ballot initiatives from regulating tax breaks to coal corporations in the City of St. Louis. 22,000 people signed the Take Back St. Louis initiative because they wanted a vote on how the Mayor's office consistently gives away tax breaks to big corporations like Peabody, Ameren and Laclede. Yet, the Mayor's office would rather side with Peabody Coal than his own constituents. There are less than 72 hours left in the legislative session for Mayor Slay and Peabody to get this bill passed. We know that Mayor Slay has personally been calling legislators, so we want to make some calls of our own. 

Can you take 5 minutes to call Senators Joe Keaveny (573-751-3599) and Jamilah Nasheed (573-751-4415) and tell them to support local democracy by stopping amendment 135.980 in Senate Bill 672? We don't have the money of Mayor Slay and Peabody, but given that it's a busy time at the end of the legislative session, the calls generated just might indicate to them that it's not worth legislators time to gut local democracy

It is slightly ironic (and terrifying) to me that Mayor Slay's decision to stand by and work for Peabody Coal comes right after more news on how climate change will impact the Midwest. Mayor Slay's behavior puts him on the wrong side of history time and time again -- from his giving more and more tax breaks to the rich, his attempts to privatize our public schools and public services and now, his fervor in supporting a company whose daily business it is to cause climate change. 

Please take 5 minutes to call Senators Joe Keaveny (573-751-3599) and Jamilah Nasheed (573-751-4415) and tell them to stop amendment 135.980 in Senate Bill 672. Let us know when you've called by emailing me at [email protected]

Thank you for consistently standing up to politicians who would rather protect big corporations and hear the voice of their own citizens. We have a lot of work to do if we have to fight our own Mayor to protect our right to vote.

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